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Who Are We?

We met in the 9th grade, and became fast friends. Some of the foundations of our friendship are our creative ideas, sharing the motto “where there is a will there is a way” & always wanting to help others. We have continuously been depended and relied on as the ones who “get the job done”.

Mandy has worked in the medical field for over a decade providing rehabilitating therapy to others. What she truly provides is friendship; she is a loyal therapist whom her patients find has their best interests in mind. She defines her success by pushing her patients through therapeutic exercises so that they regain motion & strength that they thought they might not ever have again. They trust her and know that she really does want what’s best for each of them.

Deanna has spent the past 14 years in the music business. From working in artist management in Nashville, TN to most recently working with legendary concert promoter Louis Messina founder of The Messina Group (TMG) in Houston, TX. Here she assisted in promoting some of the largest and most successful tours on the road and provided comprehensive and customizable services that maximize ticket sales and drive revenue-generating opportunities for the country heavy-hitters such as George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Dixie Chicks, & Dierks Bentley, as well as special events such as the Jimmy Buffett - George Strait - Alan Jackson triple headliner at Texas Stadium. She has overseen numerous events from A – Z down to the minuet details.

Big Hearted Babes have produced events for artists such as Dierks Bentley, Randy Rogers Band, and Wade Bowen among others. In just less than a year, together they have helped raise almost half a million dollars for charities close to these artists hearts.

Mandy & Deanna are fun loving “BIG HEARTED” girls who enjoy living “outside of the box”. They look at things in a whole other way, able to work within any budget and treating every event with the same attention to details. Both understand what it means to have a vision, to have dreams of making a difference. These “BABES” have drive, knowledge, and are very business oriented with a no-nonsense attitude. They have proven that they give their all to and for every company, every artist, and every individual with whom they have worked. They have impeccable references and personal relationships with individuals with vast years of experience and resources to partner with.

There is no doubt that if you want you’re BENEFIT to be fun, well organized, successful, & one that your friends look forward to attending every year, that you must have these “BIG HEARTED BABES” running the show!


We know that you are a very busy person in a very busy world. That’s where we come in. Give us your vision and we will make it happen. We are here to manage your Benefit from beginning to end. Afraid you don’t know what charity to support, or how to set up your own foundation? That’s just the beginning, and that’s where we step in. Leave those worries to us. If you think that you don’t want to have a benefit alone then let’s get a few more of your friends onboard to do it with you!

Nothing feels better than knowing that the money you’ve helped raise will bring research one step closer to finding a cure or put food on a hungry childs plate. Yes you, you can make this happen and we are here to make sure it does. Put your “trust” in us and see the “interest” it brings. This is not our BENEFIT, it’s yours… we take your thoughts, charm and personality and make it an event to remember that will impact everyone involved. This will be your “first annual benefit” of many to come. Don’t let fear hold you back from making a huge impact.